5 benefits of diversity in a 21st century classroom

Diversity is more than enrolling students of different races in a school.  The school atmosphere should demonstrate celebration and acknowledgement of students from all races through arranging activities that encourages students to communicate and collaborate.

Diverse ideas or knowledge of the content: A heterogeneous team breeds heterogeneous thoughts.  It is always an adventure when students sit together and brainstorm.  Student’s thoughts expressed verbally, graphically or in writing reveal a wealth of information on students thinking. The video “Innovation through diversity http://youtu.be/FjrjiSecZv0 clearly indicates that innovation occurs when diverse mind collaborate.  The Center for American Progress demonstrates the same notion of diversity powering innovation in the resources found in their website: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/education/view/  

Diverse skills: In teamwork, student’s diverse skills are harnessed to contribute and add value to the team efforts.  For instance, in a jigsaw activity team members take different roles and become experts on their subject.  A jigsaw activity enables students to participate in real world experience of teams, departments and so on.  The experts jobs ranges from presenter, researcher, designer, and author.  Also in a 21st century classroom where diverse technology present diverse challenges, an instructor fair well with the help of the skillful students who are ready to troubleshoot.

Diverse motivation to participate:  When student work in a team, team members have an influence on each other, which contribute to the team dynamic.  Uninterested students will participate in an activity if their peers are engaged.

Diverse reaction or interpretation of situations: Diverse personality faces challenges differently.  In a diverse team there is sufficient mind power and problem solving skills.  Discouraged team members are motivated when other members handle a situation positively.

Lastly, the diverse qualities in students interlock to produce a rigid body essential for building a healthy learning atmosphere.

In a diverse learning environment, all students are encouraged to become…











Instructors can use flexible technology to meet the needs of diverse learners:



Instructors can teach to a diversity of abilities:





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