Digital Storytelling is for all


We all like storytelling!  Don’t we? Regardless of the theme of our story, adding media enhances it and make it more memorable.  Digital storytelling or photo story is the art of building a short movie by compiling digital media and narrative using a computer.  The story can be shared online or saved and viewed offline.  In education digital storytelling has several benefits that include:

  1. Giving students a voice
  2. Enriching learning
  3. Helping students to make connections
  4. Encouraging students to research
  5. Encouraging creativity
  6. Fostering critical thinking skills
  7. Encouraging students to write more and improve writing
  8. Enhancing retention of new knowledge and skills
  9. Encouraging effective communication
  10. Inspiring life-long and in-depth learning

For beginners, start by:

  1. Finding and mapping a story
  2. Integrating emotions
  3. Using your own voice
  4. Using appropriate images and background sound
  5. Being clear and precise
  6. Telling the story and capturing the audience attention.

Some of the common software that are used to create, save and share a digital story are:

Step by step instructions (Google Drive)

Download Photo story 3 (free)

How To Create a Digital Story

Digital story telling



Google story builder

Comic creator

Comic strip:

Read, think and read:


Chogger comic creator:

Comeek–Comic strip from your photos:

Create comic strip with pictures from flickr:

Toon Doo –create cartoons:

Comix-make belief comic strip:



4W’s and H of Digital Storytelling



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