21st century class essentials part 1: Cyber-boards

Cyber-board is an online page with capability of hosting a variety of media.  Cyber-boards are gaining fame as the traditional classroom/hallway notice board fades away.  Why? Location, location, location, is not only paramount in the real estate business but essential in the education world.  As an instructor I want to find all resources that I need on one page and also access them wherever and whenever I need them.  Most of the boards have mobile apps and this makes it more accessible to our students.

  • Cyber-boards serves multiple purposes:
  • Assist in organization-assemble all the resources needed for each lesson/presentation  on one board
  • Differentiating instruction-Send students to particular activities on the board.
  • Review- capability of hosting quizzes and games.
  • One stop shop for all important links-save time on research by saving links on one site.
  • Share knowledge-Present straight from the board anywhere and anytime.  No headache when a flash drive is lost or a personal device is acting up.

Favorite boards



Delicious– https://delicious.com/marymwangi












Pinterest—  http://pinterest.com/marymwangi/physics-and-physical-science/









Plan board–https://www.planboardapp.com/




Livebinder: http://www.livebinders.com/


Try a board and share your experience.

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