Do you feel like you are sailing in the tempest of education issues, reforms, strategies, data and tools? Whatever your current is, technology, innovation and diversity issues are inevitable in our schools and communities.

The three aspects relates, and should be embraced in our institutions, K-12 and higher learning.    TIDEs mission is to provide services and resources that will equip and empower instructors and learners with knowledge and skills that are relevant in the 21st century.

Why TIDEs,

  • Technology integration enhances teaching and learning.
  • Innovation creates more and efficient technologies and other products.
  • Diverse minds team up to produce ideas that provokes action.
  • Education systems differs in their curriculum depth and breadth, but TIDEs is able to harmonize the difference by providing resources that are easily adopted and assimilated by students and instructors from different regions of the world.



Dr Mwangi’s areas of interest and impact:

Educator and Tutor

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Technology integration: Designing and implementing project based learning, creating and using podcast and vodcast, and 3D visualization.
  • Instructional and web design
  • Instructor distance and online learning.

Trainer, Speaker/presenter

  • Assertiveness, Career/life, Educational technology, STEM education
  • Intel Teacher Professional Learning
  • Associate trainer at Center for Teacher Effectiveness: Time to Teach!:  http://www.timetoteach.com/


Researcher/Data analysis/editing

  • Action research

Dissertation: Impact of integrating educational technology in science lessons at an urban school in the state of Georgia: Student learning perspectives. Dr. Mary Mwangi (Argosy University)