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Instructional Resources

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Teaching Teachers: 100 Best Web Resources for Educators K-12

Check out top 100 sites for teachers to utilize for abstract concepts, problem solving, and developing critical thinking skills. It starts with us as educators to teach the right way. Fun approach to teaching.

Curriculum, instruction, assessment, and training resources

National Science Teachers Association:

International Society for Technology in Education:

The Access Center:

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development:

Universal design for learning UDL:

Education News, Articles, Videos, Tutorials, Modules…

Education Week:

The Journal (Transforming education through technology):



New Scientist:

Science Daily:


Apple in education:

Edmodo training:

Using Ipads, Iphone, I…? Try nearpod:

Common Core Resources

Common Core State Standards Initiatives:

Pathways to the Common Core:

One-Stop Shop for Web 2.0 Resources


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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Resources

BYOD/BYOT is a phrase that refers to Bring Your Own Device.  Schools that have embraced the BYOD trend are allowing students to bring their computing devices to school.  These devices are used for learning purposes in and outside the classroom.  Despite recent publications on schools that have successfully implemented the trend, some school districts and …

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Digital Citizenship

  Digital Citizenship is a concept that equip technology users with knowledge and skills that enable them to use technology appropriately.  The following websites provides digital citizenship concepts.     AM Digital Citizenship       Digital Citizenship: Using Technology Appropriately 9 Elements grouped into three categories    Digital Citizenship presentation …

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Dig sto tell

Digital Storytelling

What is a digital story? What is Digital Storytelling? Jerome Gratigny Digital storytelling channel How To Create a Digital Story Using PC Using Mac:Mind the Gap, A Screencast tutorial on “How To Make Digital Stories in iMovie”. . How to create a digital story-Instructions Step by step instructions (Google Drive)  Download Photo story 3 (free) …

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1127564Flat classroom

Flat Classroom

  The concept of a ‘flat classroom’ is based on the constructivist principle of a multi-modal learning environment that is student-centered and a level playing field for teacher to student and student to teacher interaction.     About Flat classroom Learn how to redesign classroom Instructions by providing world class learning experiences. Flat Classroom …

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Flipped Classroom Resources

    The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching method, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving “homework” into the classroom.           Flipped classroom: Turning learning on its head by Bergemman, J: Flipped classroom: A big picture- Vodcasting and flipped classroom: Flipped classroom models…: Flipped classroom information …

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Integrating technology resources

  Canvases Appstorm: Real time collaboration Canvanizer: Build a model, share your ideas, and more Twiddla: a meeting whiteboard   Collaboration Piazza: Efficient way to manage a class Q and A.  Zoho Projects: Online collaboration Google Apps: Cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any …

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Mobile Learning Mobile learning is the use of mobile devices to enable learning anytime and anywhere. It should focus more on: Mobility and its unique affordances than on technology device;      How mobile devices can support not only learning but also broad educational goals. UNESCO (2012) Mobile learning and policies.   Resources Free Lego Apps for …

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Project Based Learning (PBL)

          In PBL students explore real-world problems and challenges, collaborate with peers, employ critical thinking and then communicate their findings.  Throughout the exploration students have a choice of the process and the end product(s).      About PBL Core Strategy: Project Based Learning:         What is PBL?: …

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STEM Connection

PBS STEM education resource center: STEM Activities and Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students: Resource for students, teachers and parents: One stop-shop for resources: National education association:    21 Amazing STEM Resources You Can Use Right Now to Change the World   STEM Collaborative Resources          STEM …

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Prof. Dev. Courses

TIDEs Inc is offering the following technology courses: click on the link for course information video Project-Based Approaches  Face to face and Blended learning Collaboration in the digital classroom  Face to face and Blended learning Thinking critically with data  Face to face and Blended learning Please note: For face to face and blended learning, all …

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