Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Resources

BYOD/BYOT is a phrase that refers to Bring Your Own Device.  Schools that have embraced the BYOD trend are allowing students to bring their computing devices to school.  These devices are used for learning purposes in and outside the classroom.  Despite recent publications on schools that have successfully implemented the trend, some school districts and even institutions of higher learning have not adopted BYOD “movement.”   BYOD requires strategic planning on hosting different devices, enforcement of AUP (Acceptable User Policy), and cultivating digital citizenship among many other necessities.

Sample BYOD parents and students orientation powerpoint:

BYOD-parents information-Dr. Mwangi


We no longer turn to one-trick devices, like calculators, in favor of multi-faceted technology that practically lives in our pockets, purses and bedside… go to KWIKBOOST for more information.




BYOD a students perspective  (Zac Hawkins’ Plea for Classroom BYOD):


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